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Lucas Racing

Lucas Racing GR86 Trucker Hat - Tribute

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A trucker hat with a historic and symbolic livery represented on the side profile of the GR86 Cup car ran by Lucas Racing. The tribute livery is based off of Dennis Aase and Chris Cord's Toyota Celica ran in their 1988 IMSA campaign. Car 46's Crew Chief, Demetrius Stelly, worked with Dennis for over 30 years while the team in-house, pro coach Craig Stanton knew and drove for Dennis since the 90's! Chris Emery of The Racers Safety Source grew up at the track around Chris Cord and being a part of the team was excited to work on this livery. The historic livery is pictured.


- Brown / beige colorway

- Snap-back adjustable

- Side profile of Lucas Racing's GR Cup tribute livery on the front

- Website on the front